Career Profile

My name is Xin Chen(陈昕). I’m currently a Master student at VisLab, the School of Computer Science and Technology at Shandong University, supervised by Prof. Yunhai Wang. Before that, I received my bachelor’s degree in the School of Software, Shandong University.

My research interests are scatterplots and sampling techniques in the Information Visualization area.


MSc in Computer Science and Technology

2018 - Present
Shandong University

As a master student, I devote myself to researches in visualization area. Till now, I have published 2 papers in the IEEE TVCG journal(see the publications section).

Here are some awards I received during the postgraduate study.

  • Shandong Province - 2019 Excellent Achievement Award for Graduate Students
  • Shandong University - 2019 First-class Scholarship for Outstanding Students
  • School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University - 2019 Dean’s Scholarship

BEng in Software Engineering

2014 - 2018
Shandong University

As an undergraduate, I received a 4.5 GPA in 4 years. Especially, I got many A+ in computer-related courses, such as Advanced Programming Language, Data Structure and Algorithm, Operating System, Computer Network, Software Engineering, Data Warehouse and Data Mining, Web Techniques, and Visualization.

In addition, I have won several awards from both national competitions and my university.

  • “WRC2016” International Underwater Robot Competition, Global Vision - Champion
  • “WRC2016” International Underwater Robot Competition, Game of Holding Ball - Second Prize
  • The First CCF Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming Contest - Bronze Price
  • ChinaVis2017 Visual Analytics Challenge - Third Prize
  • Shandong University - 2016 Second-class Scholarship for Outstanding Students
  • Shandong University - 2016 Advanced Individual for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Shandong University - 2017 Second-class Scholarship for Outstanding Students
  • Shandong University - 2017 National Inspirational Scholarship

Because of my great behaviors, I obtained a postgraduate recommendation from my university.


A Recursive Subdivision Technique for Sampling Multi-class Scatterplots
Xin Chen, Tong Ge, Jian Zhang, Baoquan Chen, Chi-Wing Fu*, Oliver Deussen, Yunhai Wang*
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proc. InfoVis 2019), 2020
Optimizing Color Assignment for Perception of Class Separability in Multiclass Scatterplots
Yunhai Wang, Xin Chen, Tong Ge, Chen Bao, Michael Sedlmair, Chi-Wing Fu, Oliver Deussen, Baoquan Chen
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proc. InfoVis 2018), 2019


RecursiveSubdivision-basedSampling - The implement of the algorithm proposed in our IEEE VIS 2019 technical paper.
python3-webapp-exercise - A web application for learning python 3.

Skills & Proficiency

C/C++ & Qt

Python & Pandas


Illustrator & Photoshop